PAR-15 Complete Firearms

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Mk12 Precision Weapon System New

Mk12 Precision Weapon System

Praestolor Arms has teamed up with Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts (PFC) to produce the&nb..

$2,199.00 Ex Tax: $2,199.00

PAR-15 Defender

The Praestolor Arms Defender rifle is perfect for the serious enthusiast who wants a quality reliabl..

$799.00 Ex Tax: $799.00

PAR-15 Defender Magpul Original Equipment (MOE)

Where the Defender rifle excels among traditional AR-15 designs, the MOE version modernizes the rifl..

$899.00 Ex Tax: $899.00

PAR-15 Pistol

The Firepower of an AR-15 in a Compact Pistol!With a 7.5” Barrel, a 7” Troy hand guard and a Sig Sau..

$1,099.00 Ex Tax: $1,099.00

PAR-15 Special Operator

The past decade as seen numerous advances in carbine technology and design.  Among these are th..

$1,099.00 Ex Tax: $1,099.00

Progressive Defensive Carbine

Praestolor Arms has teamed up with Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts (PFC) to produce the ultimate gun..

$2,699.00 Ex Tax: $2,699.00